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2A Magazine intends to establish a global platform for architects and the international audience to cause an integration of the ideas, views and beliefs in the field of architecture. “Contextual design” and “the salvage of cultural identity” are the most important principles that 2A Magazine follows in order to find solutions for the challenges that architects are facing in today’s world.

2A Continental Architectural Awards with the theme “Innovative Architecture in Various Continents” is a fantastic forum to bring the international architects together. With an emphasis on a Shift from Global to Continental it has created a platform to allow the architects “Unite Together Through Architecture” in order to share ideas from various origins.

Note: 2A Africa and 2A America awards will not be held in 2ACAA 2018.

2A Europe Architecture Award

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2A Africa Architecture Award

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2A America Architecture Award

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Throughout years, great directors have used architecture as a strong tool of expression in their movies and “objet d’art”. Shadows, angles and perspectives can bring these manmade corpses into life and make a lasting work of art. On the other hand, cinema is a helpful way of architectural presentation as well, which can demonstrate various approaches and intuitions of this field. The overlap of these two forms of art has a great potential for creation and development.

2A International Architectural Film Festival

Architectural Movie Award

Movies max 45 minutes in length
Movies between 45 to 90 minutes in length

Short Architectural Movie Award

Built Projects, Completion date must be after
01/Jan/2010 (Film only)
Concept Project (3D Presentation-


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About Us

"2A" intends to establish a polyphonic relationship with the professional, international audience and should therefore focus on structures that make this relationship possible with-in its most comprehensive form.

Today, despite major achievements in communication media, our world is greatly in need of interrelated dialogue, which can decrease notions of negligence and hostility. No doubt, understanding one another can lead us to a more peaceful yet innovative and lively neighborhood.

Hence, we constantly keep in mind the realities of the global village and still deeply believe in the importance of local culture.

Moreover, the diversity of works and articles presented in 2A magazine clearly reflect the concept we follow.

2A magazine has always looked for new ways of looking at architecture and art, and has presented various themes which has explored different dimensions of those fields. Understanding the significance of spirituality and other non-physical aspects of architecture, which have been neglected or in some places completely ignored, 2A decided to focus more on this theme, because we believe the future of architecture can be enriched if we incorporate the non-physical aspects into the physical designs. And 2A as an international media in the middle east wants to be a pioneer and promoter of this process.

Finally, 2A Magazine acts as a communication bridge between eastern and western architects facilitating their interaction and sharing of their artistic and architectural creativities and innovations which allows them to have a global impact.  

CEO & Publisher: Ahmad Zohadi